KookieJar of Sweden AB and Jetpak in collaboration to enable goods transport with drones


Greentech company KookieJar and logistics company Jetpak have today signed a letter of intent to cooperate in alliance with KookieJar’s scalable vertiport strategy that aims to enable the safe and efficient transport of goods with drones, facilitating deliveries to multiple nodes in Swedish cities. The collaboration will focus on the development of drone technology with its challenges and opportunities for the transport of goods with drones in larger volumes.

The goal of the collaboration for Jetpak and KookieJar is to develop a format for the business benefit of flying goods and merchandise with drones in Sweden with maintained profitability and in line with the environmental goals of reduced CO2 emissions.

“Our innovative infrastructure for drone technology makes it possible to create new cost-efficient solutions for transport of passengers and goods. Together with Jetpak we can drive the development of drone delivery services forward to become a natural part of the logistic chain.” says Max Hoffmann, responsible for strategic projects at KookieJar.

The letter of intent is a first step towards improving and developing the use of drones in the freight transport sector and enabling a smoother, more environmentally friendly and more efficient handling of deliveries using drones.

“We are very happy to collaborate with KookieJar in the development of drone deliveries to local communities. We see a great opportunities to develop our delivery network further and provide our customer´s more business benefit.” says Rikard Lidén, Chief Operating Officer at Jetpak.

About KookieJar

KookieJar is a pioneering Swedish Greentech company that benefits from the latest expertise in both ground and air infrastructure for drones and VTOL vehicles. Together with key partners and operators, KookieJar offers a unique combination to the global ecosystem for advanced air mobility. KookieJar’s vertiport network is designed to be safe, flexible and adaptable solution to move more people and goods safely, sustainably and efficiently.

For more information please contact Max Hoffmann, KookieJar of Sweden, m.hoffmann@KookieJar.com

About Jetpak

Jetpak is the leading player in time-critical express deliveries in the Nordics with a history that stretches back to 1979. With representation in more than 170 locations, 950 delivery vans and normally 4,000 flight combinations per day, we provide the Nordic market with perhaps the most comprehensive infrastructure. We offer fast, simple and precise solutions for both spontaneous transport needs and tailored logistics.

For more information please contact Rikard Lidén, Jetpak Group, rikard.liden@jetpak.se

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