Let’s grow the world by shrinking it.


We are moving and connecting people by democratizing air mobility, one crumble at a time.

More like bus stops, not expensive airports

We are the sustainable human tech company in air mobility.

Advanced air mobility relies on infrastructure within the lower air space as well as accessible start and landing spots – vertiports. KookieJar draws upon cutting-edge expertise in both ground and air infrastructure. Together with key partners we provide a unique combination to the global air mobility ecosystem.

The KookieJar vertiport network is designed to be a smart, flexible, and adaptable solution in moving more people and goods sustainably and efficiently. We provide 20 vertiports at the cost of one conventional, creating an efficient vertiport network. Coupled with existing and non-existing infrastructure, we build a scalable and modular vertiport network to enable air mobility for all.

Redefining global air mobility


KookieJar enables an efficient, robust, and sustainable air mobility infrastructure for all. In rural as well as urban areas, this will cater to the increasing transportation needs to permit life quality and competitiveness for people, businesses, and society at large.

Our accessible, cost efficient, and resilient vertiport network is adaptable to meet the everchanging demands. Together with cutting-edge expertise within lower air space infrastructure and key partnerships, we create the ecosystem needed to democratize air mobility.

We are a human-centered tech company, steeped in the Swedish way of innovative thinking. Driven by an entrepreneurial, fact-based mindset we will help bridge the gap between urban and rural, interconnecting communities.

Simply put, we are redefining global air mobility.

A modular vertiport solution


We are an infrastructure connector, creating more efficient multimodal transportation systems by providing a vertiport solution that can be coupled with existing, as well as non-existing, infrastructure. We provide 20 vertiports at the cost of one conventional, creating a vertiport network that is efficient, scalable, and modular. We enable a new way of transport optimization that facilitates a growing, fast paced, and sustainable society.





48 x 36 m

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Kookiejar and AirQual signs agreement

Kookiejar and AirQual signs agreement

Kookiejar of Sweden and AirQual Technologies, SIA have signed an agreement to develop an emergency and dispatching system for the Kookiejar #Vertiport Operations Management Centre. - Airqual has a proven technology used at airports and Air...

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Kookiejar of Sweden
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Air Chateau Heliport
Adjacent to Private Jet Terminal – Dubai South – Dubai – United Arab Emirates


13 Rue Felix Comte Gastaldi
98000 Monaco